Texas Conspiracy Lawyer

Defending Against Conspiracy Charges

Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more parties to commit a criminal offense. Typically charged as a federal crime, conspiracy can involve an agreement to commit any type of criminal activity, from conspiracy to commit mail fraud to conspiracy to distribute cocaine to conspiracy to commit murder.

The Resources and Experience to Get Results

The criminal defense attorneys of Sorrels, Udashen & Anton have successfully defended clients facing a wide range of conspiracy charges. If you are being investigated for a possible conspiracy or if you have already been arrested and charged, it is important to select a lawyer who has the skills and resources to succeed in these challenging cases.

Conspiracy is the prosecutor's darling — a charge that allows the government to seek serious consequences for minor involvement in an alleged criminal act.

It doesn't matter if you were the mastermind of a sophisticated scheme or a low-level employee, if you contributed to the crime in any way, you can be charged with conspiracy. If convicted, the mastermind and the bit player will be sentenced to the same, or similar, consequences.

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From offices in Dallas, our attorneys defend clients charged with state and federal crimes throughout Texas and the United States.

Significant Cases

Sorrels, Udashen & Anton attorneys have won not guilty verdicts from juries on a wide variety of cases including complex Federal fraud indictments, homicide and controlled substances offenses.

Sorrels, Udashen & Anton attorneys have also obtained the exoneration and release from prison of over 20 wrongfully convicted persons.

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