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Adding Up the Damage: Federal Sentencing

Thanks to mandatory minimum sentences and federal sentencing guidelines, federal sentencing has become a highly complex undertaking.

There is a tremendous amount of variance in the sentences for people convicted of the same or very similar offenses. The knowledge, skill and experience of the criminal defense attorney can play an important role in minimizing the sentence received.

The lawyers at Sorrels, Udashen & Anton understand the complex intersection of case law, sentencing guidelines and judicial discretion. We apply this knowledge to the specific facts of a case in order to achieve positive results for our clients.

The Go-To Dallas Law Firm for Federal Sentencing

We frequently are contacted by other attorneys — even those who practice solely in federal court — for assistance with the federal sentencing guidelines and related issues. Our law firm is regarded by many lawyers as the go-to firm for reliable advice and representation in federal sentencing issues.

Federal sentencing is more than just a technical issue; it's a human one. We present information about our client's life and background at the sentencing hearing that can influence the judge to exercise his or her discretion in our client's favor.

Whether you are an attorney or an individual facing a federal sentencing hearing, it is important to understand how an experienced lawyer can assist you. To discuss sentencing for all types of federal crimes, from fraud to drug charges, please call us at 214-468-8100 or contact us by e-mail.

From offices in Dallas, our criminal defense attorneys represent clients in federal sentencing issues throughout Texas and nationwide.

Significant Cases

Sorrels, Udashen & Anton attorneys have won not guilty verdicts from juries on a wide variety of cases including complex Federal fraud indictments, homicide and controlled substances offenses.

Sorrels, Udashen & Anton attorneys have also obtained the exoneration and release from prison of over 20 wrongfully convicted persons.

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